Vision & Mission


The Vision of Shepherd’s Chapel and Shepherd’s Farms are dual organizations, tied to the same goal and guided by a heavenly compass and biblical mandate to feed the hungry, teach and share the Good News (Gospel), not only through the word but indeed. To create an environment that is safe for those that are physically and mentally broken, while reconnecting “Eden” God’s creation back to humanity that healing and salvation can be activated creating change.


Shepherd’s Chapel and Shepherd’s Farms mission is to connect people to nature and farm grown food. Through hands-on education, partnering with local schools and other organizations, while learning gardening, farming, healthy eating, to include introducing petting and animal therapy to those who find it difficult connecting with others and coping with life changes. Creating an environment for Seniors Citizens who have limited mobility and community exposure. Partnering with the local food bank and becoming a distribution center for individuals and organizations that will pour back into the community and assist those that are in need.